Food & Drink Start-Ups

Maybe you have been making your grandmother’s recipe for friends and family and they just can’t get enough.  Or maybe you have identified a problem that your food or drink idea can solve.  No matter how you came to your idea for a food or drink product, the steps to go from idea to launch can be much more involved than other startups. In addition to sales and marketing, regulations, local, state and federal licensing, testing, packaging, ingredient sourcing and so many more requirements can creep in and quickly overwhelm you, or worse, squash your passion entirely.


No one said starting a food business was easy.  There is definitely a right way to go about it and a wrong way.  The wrong way involves much more waiting around, wasted money, deadness and frustrating phone calls and can turn out to be one very expensive hobby. Having an industry expert as your guide in the process can help ensure that you get your business off and running correctly from the start. Depending on your goals and the talents you bring to the table, we tailor a step-by-step plan of attack to get your product launched or scale up quickly and financially profitable.

  • Start with an Idea
  • Nurture Your Idea
  • Launch Your Business
  • Grow Your Business